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The Lost Form of Genius

The Art that Dare Not Speak Its Name
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Everyone's done it.

Drawn the perfect sketch of a face on the side of lecture notes. On the back of a test, a detailed model of a castle that you gasp in awe that you were able to produce. Made Sharpie tattoos on your arm that your friends thought were real. Illuminated the text on the math problems you're turning in tomorrow.

This, we proudly declare, is art as well.

(... We tend to be pretentious at times. We're working on it.)

What to post here? Anything that doesn't go anywhere else--art on your hands or scrap paper or, ideally, in the margins of your notes. Doesn't have to be a recognisable object. Doesn't have to be legible text. Doesn't have to be good, heaven knows. (Although it would be awesome if it was.)

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