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c&g: wir sind helden

1, 2, 3 let's blow this thing.

Posted by schiarire on 2005.09.25 at 23:16
Da da da da da da da! Jazzzz. This is so old, it's probably illegal.

I don't think I was able to turn this in.Collapse )

in flight
Posted by nextian on 2005.09.25 at 23:10
Two pictures, sparked by a phone conversation and drawn next to a bunch of phone numbers on a yellow legal pad. One of them is my conception of an anime llama. (Don't ask. Really.) The other is a drunken Bao, only not really, Bao being a character from my current obsession and lovely roleplaying game no_mans_land_. Both executed in under five minutes, so they suck. *g*

two picturesCollapse )

in flight

All right!

Posted by nextian on 2005.09.20 at 14:40
(Sample post comes tomorrow, when I have access to a scanner. Until then:)

Proper format for posting!

Put big pictures under a cut, and a little ramble about it outside, because we like rambles here.

No tag system yet. We'll see how that goes.

Anything goes, this week. Maybe next week there shall be a theme!

(I am one with certainty, I am.)